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Lecture «Mikhail Anikushin — a contemporary of Pushkin»
Lecture of art critic, member of the All-Russian Association of art critics, curator of museum objects of the Russian Art Center Natalia Vasilevskaya.

Webinar «What to write to museums to make everyone interested»
Cultural workers often face the problem of social media being dominated by announcements, birthdays and calendar events that are of interest only to a small group of readers. And it takes too long to write really good lyrics. How can we make ideas attractive even for those who are far from museum life, and time management helps in the planning of the content plan? At our online event we will tell you how to make your life easier and systematise the work of social networks.

Webinar «Use of AR-technologies in museums»
The Russian Art Center joins the All-Russian Action «Night of the Arts 2021» and invites you to participate in the webinar «Use of AR technologies in museums». Invited AR designer Evgeny Lemeshko will talk about how AR technologies are used in museums today, and will also teach how to create AR effects for social networks using the example of a painting from the Russian Art Center fund.
AR (Augmented reality) is a technology that allows users to overlay three-dimensional objects and filters on a picture from a smartphone lens. Its capabilities are familiar thanks to filters in messengers, masks on Instagram and the first games with AR characters.