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Born in the USSR


August 8 at the Kaliningrad Museum of Fine Arts to open
Exhibition on the image of man in the art of socialist realism
«Born in the USSR», project of the Russian Centre of Art

On the 100th anniversary of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
Private Cultural Institution «Russian Art Center» Initiates Realization
Exhibitions of Soviet art. In the halls of the Kaliningrad Museum of Fine Arts
Presents the treasures from the Center’s stock collection.

Currently, the artistic heritage of the USSR is in the vanguard of study
art historians and cultural scientists - big and small events and discoveries of the USSR times
Start their new history.

The art of the USSR unconditionally believed in the ideals of communism and inexhaustible
human capabilities, and the main focus of the style on mass availability and availability became a secret
his success.

Exhibition «Born in the USSR» is divided into three parts. First
part, «Be prepared - Always ready!» - about the formation and development of the image of the «new» Soviet
Part of «Union of sickle and hammer» is devoted to the poetry of labor, part of «Ready to work and
Defense» - sports and achievements in different fields.

The image of the Soviet Union is central to each section
In the life of a citizen of the USSR there is no place for fatigue, doubt, idleness - only
bright sun, joy of work and sports, pride of achieved results. This line
traces the work of L. Shchipachev, V. Petrova-Maslakov, Y. Kostenko, V. Biryukov, S.

The education of the younger generation was engaged in pioneering, which taught the children the main
Values - be honest, fair, hard-working, good at learning
and faithfully love your Homeland. Everyday paintings by A. Makarov, A.
Lelikova, A. Furshnina, S. Moryakova.

The romantic direction of the Soviet pictorial
Art, which focuses on personality, not society. Works of L. Fattahov, M.
Savchenkova, M. Kostina, V. Zhemerikina and other artists pass the elusive
atmosphere of the 1950s-1970s. The art of this period is turned to the inner world
The people behind the paintings are ordinary people, their hopes and dreams.

«Born in the USSR» is an exhibition about time and people, their feelings, dreams,
aspirations, achievements, participation in building an era.
Address of Kaliningrad Museum of Fine Arts - Leninsky Avenue, 83