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"Sea Romance. Painting by Russian and German Artists of the 19th Century” is a journey into the world of ideal painting of the 19th century. The guests got acquainted with Italian and Swiss motifs, which were considered the standard of beauty, appreciated the complex play of colors of marine paintings and plunged into the "mysterious haze" of the thickets of Russian forests.

The connecting principle in the selection of works was the image of the water element, which acts as a symbol of transformation, a source of knowledge and a spiritually unifying force.

The temporary exhibition featured the works of the great Russian marine painter Ivan Aivazovsky (1817-1900), the virtuoso landscape painter Yuli Klever (1850-1924), professors of the Koenigsberg Academy of Arts Maximilian Schmidt (1818-1901), August Berendsen (1819-1886) and many others.



On July 8, 2021, the Chairman of the Regional Duma Marina Orheyeva took part in the opening of the art exhibition "Romance of the Sea" at the "Packhouse" exposition and exhibition center of the Museum of the World Ocean. Next »
Russian Art Center and the Museum of the World Ocean have prepared a joint exhibition project “Romance of the Sea. Paintings of Russian and German Artists of the 19th Century. Visitors will be able to get acquainted with genuine works of art, the authors of which are professors and graduates of the art academies of St. Petersburg and Koenigsberg. The exhibition presents works from the funds of the Russian Art Center: works by the famous Russian marine painter Ivan Aivazovsky, virtuoso landscape painter Yuli Klever, famous artists Maximilian Schmidt, August Berendsen. It is worth noting another special element of the exhibition - the unique architectural design of the hall of the exhibition center "Packhouse", where the new exhibition will be located. The gallery imitates the deck of an old ship going to sea, which will help you feel the unique atmosphere of sea travel. Next »
CULTURE.RF, 8.07.2021